Brave moment of your life (ft. 100-day writing challenge)

I bet all of you need to have a moment of your life where you stand in between what to do, what should do and what should not do and have to make the decision about what you are going to do next, which leads to another road and assist you to achieve what you desire to achieve. I am writing this because I’ve had the exact moment and it may apply the same to some of you who are reading this.

I myself needed to make the decision about whether I would apply for the Fall 2107 intake of Rotterdam School Management, Erasmus University or not. I was right at the crossroad. At the time, I was preparing for my visa application to the Netherlands and guess which school I would be studying at? Yes, it was not RSM but it was Saxion UAS. I am not trying to tell you a bad story or bad mouth about Saxion, it was just not my choice from the beginning. And just take it as a psychological fact when you are so desired to do something, you are close to the point in which you only need to reach out your hand and grab it and clutch it but out of the blue, you fail and fall off. Would you feel depressed? I bet you do. So do I.

I was extremely excited whenever I thought of me but not anyone else making it to RSM. But the fact that the school does not have Spring intake sank me into the lowest point of the inside of me. I thought I would not make it. I thought I would never have a chance to stand on the ground of the campus of RSM. I was desperately feeling lost so that I ignored my friends and refused any get-together chance that I could have with them.

And as from this moment, another side inside me whispered into my ears “Do not give up” and I really tried my best to minimize the probability of missing chances.

I was brave. Really.

I’d been preparing for my application for RSM by myself. No one else helped me. No reliance on any agency.

And I finally made it. I not only managed to go through till the end of the application process but also got accepted into the International Business Administration (IBA) program of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. As for some people, it appears that it is not a big deal but at least it matters to me and affects my entire life. You know what, your life may change forever just because of a tiny moment which you do not expect it to come but it comes and changes yourself and turn the world around you into a completely different one.

I would not be where I am right now if I left the chance behind and did not believe in myself.

Last but not least, be brave and not given to give up on things you’ve been keen on and chasing.

Featured image: September 2017 at Erasmus University, taken by iPhone 7, touched by Instasize.

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