Paris 2017 (ft. Photo album)

I was going on a 3-day trip to Paris when the Dutch celebrated the national King’s Birthday, which lasted a whole week. We decided to book a short trip to Paris to celebrate rather than strolling around Amsterdam, which will have been packed with thousands of people. With “short” I actually meant 5 days.

There were 6 of us. 2 from Saxion and 4 from HAN University.

We literally became a tourist whose mind full of passion to explore a new country. After spending nearly the entire day from 10 to 9pm in Amsterdam, we departed to the Euroline Office excitedly thinking about the idea that in 10 hours all of us will have gotten to Paris.

Life is unpredictable. Guess what happened next? We were supposed to bring our passports along but we didn’t and therefore we, unfortunately, run into lots of troubles.

The receptionists of Euroline bus warned us that If we didn’t have our passports, as soon as we reached the France – the Netherlands border, the policeman will be checking our passports and throwing us out. After 30 minutes of debating, we all decided to take the risk and got on the bus. How lucky we are. Eventually, there was no passport checking, no policeman.

We were trying to sleep on the way to Paris, a woman sitting next to my friend right up to the passenger seats nearby the bus driver had her purse stolen, in which there was kind of lots of money, her passport, as well as other personal stuff. She accused two of my friend to be stealing it. Of course, they didn’t. The bus driver had to pull over a street in Rotterdam and called the police. Because none of my friends lead the stealing thing so nothing further happened instead of we again trying to sleep but couldn’t due to the fear of passport-checking.

The next morning, we arrived at the hostel we’d already booked and paid the deposit in advance. However, my friend miscalculated. As that is a long-hour trip plus we got on the bus at night on April 24, we were supposed to get off the bus on April 25. However, he thought it was April 24 the arrival day. Oh yeah. Could anything worse happen?

Hell yeah let’s think about the passport checking again when we get back to Amsterdam?

Luckily, we were safe until the end of the trip.

Let’s leave those bad lucks behind. I took quite many photos while in Paris that I want to share with you. Let the photos speak for themselves.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Seine River
Processed with VSCO with b5 preset
Eiffel Tower by night
Eiffel Tower by night
Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
a classic vibe coffee shop


Champs-Élysées, Arc de Triomphe 





Versailles Palace

Statue of King  Louis XIV




Hall of Mirrors
The Queen’s Hamlet

Notre Dame de Paris




Musée du Louvre







All were taken by iPhone 7, edited by Vscocam.

Please attach my credit if you take my photos out.

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