Melodies for Fall

Hi, this is Hong Anh. It’s been more than 1 month and you guys have not seen any updates on part 2 of my blog post about my trip to Seoul. I sincerely apologize for the delay. The reason is that I expected to get started on it after I have done with my QDM exam, but unfortunately, I have had no choice but to work on my IELTS exam which will take place this Saturday. I will start writing the second part after I beat up that IELTS beast. Therefore, as an apology, I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite songs recently. They have been on repeat every day. And I hope you guys like them and will listen to them while waiting for the final update on the Seoul trip.

These songs are randomly put. They do not follow my own preferences on how much I like them.

1. Consequences by Camila Cabello

Okay this is the turning point for me as I have not been a fan of Camila after Havana. I don’t even like the song. This song accidentally came on in my Youtube, somehow, I don’t remember. I gave it a try and it obviously did not fail to amaze me. The vocals, the meaning behind the lyrics, the emotions she put into. Everything is perfect. From then on, it raised my interest in her music and I have discovered a bunch of good songs below.

2. Real friends  by Camila Cabello ft. Swae Lee

Another good song. Would be lovely over a cup of hot tea.

3. Beautiful by Bazzi ft. Camila Cabello

My most favorite. At some point, this song advises you to have physical affection with your partner more often. Because “sometimes words are just not enough”.

4. In the dark by Camila Cabello

I sent this song to my friend and she loved the melody and flow. Wonder if you guys share the same taste in music?

5. What if by EXO

I am gonna be honest I am quite into EXO these days, and Do Kyung Soo takes all the credits. I love his regular TV show so much (professional term: drama) that I rummaged through my Youtube in search of EXO songs, music videos, lyrics videos, and live performances. This song is just so pleasant to listen to.

6. All night long by Taeyeon ft. NCT Lucas

I adore Taeyeon’s latest solo album so much. This is one of my favorites. You guys should also check the whole album out. Circus is another masterpiece.

7. Yêu thương ngày đó by Soobin Hoàng Sơn

Some songs sung by Soobin that I find better than his famous’s. This is one of those.

8. Tell me what is love  by EXO D.O. and Yoo Youngjn

A juicy blend of powerful and low-toned vocals. I am a fan of D.O.’s comforting and healing voice. His voice is just so low, manly and attractive in its own way. The collaboration is not widely-known and I find it relatively underrated, it should have been more properly promoted.

9. Girl x Friend beautifully sung by EXO. The lyrics will definitely melt your heart. I love the opening melody so much (I have no idea if I am using the term correctly but let’s just say the first 10 seconds totally captured me).

10. And I sung by Nuest W, and also is an official soundtrack of Mr. Sunshine – a popular Korean drama. I personally think they delivered the emotions really well. I like the part “And I ~~~~~~” the most.

11. Drunken truth sweetly and beautifully sung by EXO Chen. Chen has a high-pitched tone and I would say he has wisely chosen songs which suit his voice so much. He is also excelled at expressing the emotions and delivering the meaning of the songs. I have always found myself deeply drowned into the songs thanks to his voice and delivery of emotions. As a side note, this song is about a guy gets drunk and takes the chance to confess his love to the one he loves. Lovely, huh? :>

12. thank u, next

Send it to your ex! No need for further action.

13. Love light an old song from CNBLUE – one of my favorites Korean boy bands. A perfection for a night in fall when you put on your earphones and take a stroll on the street.

“Anh nghĩ mình đã yêu em mất rồi”

Hope you guys like the songs as much as I do.

Background image: taken by iPhone 7. Touched by Instasize. Location: near Erasmus University. Time: end fall in November 2018.

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