“and now your song is on repeat and I’m dancin’ on to your heartbeat”

If you have known me long enough, you probably know that I have a big love for music. It does not necessarily mean that I have lots of knowledge about music either something like I can identify which genres are there or I excel in classical music knowing every single famous and historic musicians. I just love listening to music. And again, I love sharing them with you. That is such a pity if these works of art are not widely known. They are just right up my alley. It, therefore, means that they could be my personal favorite but not yours. Anyway, give it a try.

I initially thought that I had nothing to write about but given that lunar new year is approaching fast, I should at least publish something. So help yourself!

Mood dragging

These are the most suitable when you are down on your mood and uhm up for dragging it more deeply …

Actually, these are with me the most when I have a crush and you know he does not know about it and I do not dare to tell him (my own definition of one-sided love). Just the way I am makes me become a coward when it comes to relationship and stuff. I can raise my voice and speak up in other situations but not in this.

These are given from my most to my least favorite. But they are all, well, about unrequited love. Still remember I was sitting alone in my room, lights all turned off and played I love you – Tim Hwang just 24 days ago. Ah, and chugging down 3 cans of Heineken. Off to a good start in 2019.

I sent Drunken truth to my best friend 3 weeks ago before she came back to Vietnam. I said that she should have just picked up a few cans of beer and drink all of them to get drunk then she could either send him a message or phone him to tell him that she “also” loves him. But you know what I know that it never works. Because we are both cowards.

With I’m not over you, every time he sings “I’m not over you” I do really feel that I am really not over him yet.

1. I love you by Tim Hwang

2. The truth untold by BTS

3. I’m not over you by Ryeowook 

4. How did I fall in love with you by DBSK

5. 7 years of love by Kyuhyun

6. Drunken truth by EXO Chen

Amazing covers that might be better than the original

There are more cover versions of a song than the original ones in my “Favorite Playlist”. Some are just too good to be ignored.

1. Close to you

2. The one that got away

3. Like I’m not gonna lose you

The guitar part at 3:32 is on point!!

4. All I ask

5. Eyes nose lips (English cover by Tablo) 

6. Perfect/ Can’t help falling in love with you (mashup)

“I don’t deserve it. but I can’t help falling in love with you.”

next post: to Vietnamese and Korean music fantasy. I know that some in the friend list are my friends here in the Netherlands and the next post is dedicated to introducing to them the world of Korean and Vietnamese music that I adore and everyday love more and more.

Featured image: Christmas 2018, Carnaby London.

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